Safeguarding Lead

Ensuring their safety

The Safeguarding Ministry seeks to ensure that all engagement with children, young and vulnerable people is done in a way that provides a safe and accountable environment at both local and national level.


The Safeguarding Ministry is a sanctioned ministry of the Church of God (Seventh Day) seeking to provide policies and procedures that ensure young and vulnerable people are protected and provided with a safe and accountable environment.

The Safeguarding Ministry believes each child and vulnerable person that attends our Church should be protected and assured a safe and accountable environment in which to visit and stay. We believe that every child is important and the message of the love of Christ must never be tainted by the dangers of abuse.
The Safeguarding Ministry aims to ensure
  • That ALL young and vulnerable people are included and should be protected by our policies and procedures.
  • That each member understands their responsibility to prevent the physical, sexual or emotional abuse of children and young people and to report it where it has taken place.
  • That it is the responsibility of the leaders of each church to ensure that an safe and accountable environment is provided in their branch at all times.
  • This will be done through awareness programmes, training and enforcement of our safeguarding policy.
The Safeguarding Ministry would love to hear from and engage with you. You can contact us at any time at