Men's Ministry

Bringing together men from all walks of life

The National Men's Ministry is akin to the Women Ministry, although it was recently formed in the church. The mission of this male centric organization is to to foster the development of men, in the family, community and wider society.


The National Men's Ministry is a sanctioned ministry of the Church of God (Seventh Day) seeking to empower and foster holistic spirit-centered relationships between men of all ages within the conference. Below details some aspects of this ministry and how you can get involved.

Our vision is to provide avenues, environments and opportunities for men to first know Christ personally and build brother and mentor relationships in a safe community.
The National Men's Ministry is currently involved in a campaign which seeks to:
  • To minister to men targeting issues affecting the whole man.
  • To help men improve and develop themselves as husbands, fathers, role models.
  • To help men become effective members of society and to realise thier full potential.
  • To encourage a sense of brotherhood through an environment and encourages openness, honesty and trust.
  • To mentor men of different backgrounds and stages of life experience.
The Men's ministry would love to hear from and engage with you. You can contact us at any time at