Children's Ministry

Suffer The Little Children To Come To Me

The Childrens Ministry seeks to holistically develop the children of our congregations at both local and national level. The ministry is a subset of the N.C.Y.M whose committee is working to establish local groups around the country.


The Childrens Ministry is a sanctioned ministry of the Church of God (Seventh Day) seeking to holistically develop the children of our congregations. Below details some aspects of this ministry and how you can get involved.

The Childrens Ministry believes that knowing and serving Christ is a something that should be learnt from a very young age and is best achieved through a diversity of fun activities. Our vision is to introduce children to the loving nature of Christ and the importance of showing kindness and love to others.
The Childrens Ministry provides a variety of activities for children via our dedicated children's days, weekly resource materials and local childrens church sessions.
The Childrens Ministry would love to hear from and engage with you. You can contact us at any time at