Music And Worship

Come let's magnify the Lord!

The Music and Worship Ministry seeks to develop the praise and worship and musical capabilities of our congregations at both local and national level. The national committee is working to establish local groups around the country.


The Music and Worship Ministry is a sanctioned ministry of the Church of God (Seventh Day) seeking to empower the act of praise and worship within our services. Below details some aspects of this ministry and how you can get involved.

The Music and Worship Ministry believes that praise and worship are two of the most essential aspects in our unique relationship with God. That through this medium, man can truly express his love and adoration of the almighty creator. We aim to enable this realisation to it's full extent and in doing so glorify God.
The Music and Worship Ministry aims to provide tools, training and techniques that will enable the fullest expression of praise and worship at local and national events and services.
The Music and Worship Ministry would love to hear from and engage with you. You can contact us at any time at
The Music and Worship Ministry welcomes any suggestions you may have. Please take a moment and click here to submit your ideas. Thank you.