Christ's Ambassadors in the Ministry of Praise

Christ's Ambassadors in the Ministry of Praise!

C.A.M.P is an acronym for Christ Ambassador in Ministry of Praise. It has two components: The Summer Retreat and The Choir.

The summer retreat is where many of the youths of the church go away for 7 Days and form new bonds with each other, learn life skills and most importantly draw closer to God. This is a yearly event that falls under the National Youth and Children Ministry (NYCM) of the Church of God 7th Day British conference.

The week is structured with a variety of activities that enables individuals to develop basic life,communication, confidence, leadership and social skills and most importantly the the opportunity to learn more about God. Activities may include canoeing, cycling, abseiling, mountain climbing and horse riding well as mental challenges when taking part in debates, quizzes and presentations.

The retreat is self funded, but each year the C.A.M.P Choir raises funds to reduce the cost of activities whilst at the retreat. Local churches are also encouraged to have at least one Youth Day each year to raise funds to offset the individual cost to those attending the retreat within their area. The retreat is organised by a dedicated group of individuals within the Church of God 7th Day called the Camp Committee. They volunteer their time and finance to ensure its successful administration.

The national C.A.M.P choir originated in 1994 and came out of the Summer Retreat of that year when a group of campers decided to have an open air concert. All members of the Choir have attended the retreat and are members or associated members of the church of God 7th Day.The Choir currently comprises of about 30 members and present a concert each year in March or April.


C.A.M.P is a sanctioned ministry of the Church of God (Seventh Day) seeking to meet the needs of the youth in the Conference and their neighbouring communities. Below details some aspects of this ministry and how you can get involved.

C.A.M.P believes that knowing and serving Christ is a fun and rewarding experience, and is best achieved through a diversity of activities. Our vision is to see a vibrant and dedicated community of young believers who are proud and eager to share their Christian faith.
CA.M.P serves the youth in the conference through it's two main components. The summer retreat and the choir. To know more about how to get involved in these events, please feel free to contact us below.
C.A.M.P would love to hear from and engage with you. You can contact us at any time at