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The Trumpet Sounds

To Empower, to Build, to Restore.

Created by Sis. Jennifer Beckford, the initial aim of this blog is specifically to encourage women to strive to build their self-esteem and to find their full potential through the words of inspiration and true stories of ‘overcoming’.

It is hoped that through these words someone will be motivated to work through their various challenges and pursue their goals regardless of the obstacles. Understanding that we go through different stages in life, sometimes good, sometimes bad, meditate and be motivated on these timely truths. Hopefully it will be that bit of motivation to you need at the right time, the one that helps you to realise you are not alone…

‘The Trumpet Sounds’ is designed to help women to communicate and share with each other. Join her on her Facebook page or follow her via Twitter. Men are free to participate as well, “we would love to hear from all of you”!

  • Vision surpass Fraustration

    By Jennifer Beckford on January 13, 2017

    Frustration can easily get your mind and body drained Take for instance your purpose and vision, it doesnt mean that everyone will share it. So be mindful of putting your trust in people and not God. There are some People with good...

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  • Tis the Season

    By Jennifer Beckford on December 25, 2016

    Yesterday during my journey on the bus, the driver belted out over his microphone Merry Christmas and happy New Year in his salutations to the passengers!! That changed the atmosphere to laughter and smiles all around on that bus...

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  • Life a Blessing

    By Jennifer Beckford on December 21, 2016

    The gift of life should not be taken for granted. I woke up today I am breathing, then I realise how bless I am, that I am still in the land of the living. Despite the challenges of life during this year, like somethings I may have been...

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