Inspirational Words

The Trumpet Sounds

To Empower, to Build, to Restore.

Created by Sis. Jennifer Beckford, the initial aim of this blog is specifically to encourage women to strive to build their self-esteem and to find their full potential through the words of inspiration and true stories of ‘overcoming’.

It is hoped that through these words someone will be motivated to work through their various challenges and pursue their goals regardless of the obstacles. Understanding that we go through different stages in life, sometimes good, sometimes bad, meditate and be motivated on these timely truths. Hopefully it will be that bit of motivation to you need at the right time, the one that helps you to realise you are not alone…

‘The Trumpet Sounds’ is designed to help women to communicate and share with each other. Join her on her Facebook page or follow her via Twitter. Men are free to participate as well, “we would love to hear from all of you”!

  • There Is a Better Way

    By Jennifer Beckford on July 3, 2018

    There’s a way that seems right, but is it really? Often times people choose the path that appears to be the right way. For example, banks offer loans and you have the loan sharks. Say John Blog is faced with a debt and he has tried...

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  • To Achieve – Put God First

    By Jennifer Beckford on April 2, 2018

    Sometimes we suffer because of lack of knowledge and understanding. Whatever we want in life, we can achieve our hearts desire by fervently pressing and working towards our goals. First, put God as your Pilot, your Guide. You and I need...

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  • ‘Bless and Beautiful day’

    By Jennifer Beckford on February 20, 2018

    Let us say to ourselves (irrespective of what it looks like), it is a Bless and Beautiful day. So many things has been happening, but we trust God in all of this. Whatever you and I may be going through it is not over until God says so,...

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