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Christianity Today is considered a leading voice of the evangelical movement with its coverage of the global church. Every monthly print issue and daily website updates include interviews, feature articles, essays, and commentary from leading Christian thinkers, and theological analysis on current issues, trends, people and news events that impact people of faith. Christianity Today delivers commentary from a biblical perspective, covering the spectrum of choices and challenges facing Christians today.

Take time out to follow the thoughts of the authors of Christianity Today, be encouraged and provoked to engage in current affairs of the world from an essential Christian perspective.

  • Preoccupied with Love: Lifting High Evangelism Again

    By Various on November 15, 2018

    An interview with Sam Owusu. Ed: Its hard to deny that we are living in challenging times culturally. The churchs influence is fading, and we are struggling to find answers to some hard questions. Whats your take on the health of...

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  • The Necessity of Teachability for Mission

    By Various on November 14, 2018

    The church needs a resurgence in teachability if we’re going to see a movement of evangelism in our day. Anyone who writes for public consumption on a regular basis is forced to wonder whether readers views are shaped, or even...

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  • Live at the Intersection of Grace and Truth

    By Various on November 13, 2018

    We don’t get to pick "either/or." It is a distinctly "both/and" proposition. We live in a day when the churchs influence in our culture and community is waning. In a moment like this, we have to ask ourselves, How do we as...

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