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Christianity Today is considered a leading voice of the evangelical movement with its coverage of the global church. Every monthly print issue and daily website updates include interviews, feature articles, essays, and commentary from leading Christian thinkers, and theological analysis on current issues, trends, people and news events that impact people of faith. Christianity Today delivers commentary from a biblical perspective, covering the spectrum of choices and challenges facing Christians today.

Take time out to follow the thoughts of the authors of Christianity Today, be encouraged and provoked to engage in current affairs of the world from an essential Christian perspective.

  • LGBT Rights-Religious Liberty Bill Proposed in Congress

    By Various on December 7, 2019

    Fairness for All advocates hope legislation makes compromise seem possible. Congressman Chris Stewart doesnt expect his bill to pass. But he is proposing the Fairness for All Act anyway. Its a step of faith for Stewart, a Republican...

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  • Samoa Bans Kids from Church as Measles Outbreak Kills 63

    By Various on December 6, 2019

    Advent will be “mellow” on South Pacific island as government restricts public gatherings amid vaccination campaign. Children in Samoa have been temporarily banned from attending church services and other public gatherings, due to a...

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  • Nobodies Were the First to Know

    By Various on December 5, 2019

    When God announced the birth of Christ to sweaty, uncouth shepherds, he signaled something important about the kind of Messiah he was sending. A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to appear on a top-rated national morning...

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