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What's up with Chris Dryden?

Christopher Dryden, (the ‘CD’ in question), is a trainer and observer. The blog is an outlet for his passion for words both read and written to open conversation and build others in their awareness of themselves and their world.

The blog explores CD thoughts on various issues of life personal and spiritual. Some of the thoughts may be flippant, others maybe complex. Some are injected with humour and others are explore the more sombre aspects of life.

In all his writing there is the realisation that life is dependent on God as revealed through Jesus Christ. With this as a basic foundation all of life opens up as a voyage of discovering who God is and then who we are in the light of Him.

  • A Few Deep Breaths

    By Chris Dryden on September 25, 2018

    What would help, is if you calmed down, take a few deep breaths and stop. Rushing ahead, quick to react and then open your mouth and say something aggressive and before you know it, the words are gone, the impact is made and we know...

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  • The Vapour of Pointless Speech

    By Chris Dryden on September 24, 2018

    Speculation. Gossip. Rumour. He said he would do this. She said he would do that. He said that he heard that she would be doing this. She said that she saw them going to get this. He got a tip from his friend that they were seen doing...

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  • What If They Took Away The Comfort Blanket?

    By Chris Dryden on September 23, 2018

    When will she stop sucking her thumb? Doesnt she know that shell ruin her teeth if she keeps on doing that? Hasnt she seen the others who have braces because of the incessant thumb-sucking? She should just grow out of it and get on with...

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