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What's up with Chris Dryden?

Christopher Dryden, (the ‘CD’ in question), is a trainer and observer. The blog is an outlet for his passion for words both read and written to open conversation and build others in their awareness of themselves and their world.

The blog explores CD thoughts on various issues of life personal and spiritual. Some of the thoughts may be flippant, others maybe complex. Some are injected with humour and others are explore the more sombre aspects of life.

In all his writing there is the realisation that life is dependent on God as revealed through Jesus Christ. With this as a basic foundation all of life opens up as a voyage of discovering who God is and then who we are in the light of Him.

  • What Have You Got To Say For Yourself?

    By Chris Dryden on September 22, 2018

    Surely you must have something to say. They have accused you of being a disturbing influence and your attitude and actions have upset the regular order of things. You have not complied with the status quo. You have the temerity to...

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  • What A Beauty

    By Chris Dryden on September 21, 2018

    Wherever you are in life, there is something about beauty. I dont always appreciate it and I acknowledge sometimes I have taken it for granted. Yet there are times when the hustle and bustle of life has to take a back seat to the...

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  • See Anew: Did You See That Coming?

    By Chris Dryden on September 20, 2018

    We never saw that coming. What if everything that we see now that we hadnt seen before had always been there, but we needed to see things in a new way to recognise them? Its something to see with a child as they learn new things new for...

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