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Embracing the gospel in the digital age

As a new ministry within the Church of God (Seventh Day), the Technology and Administration ministry was born out of a recognition that technology has become a useful tool interwoven into so many aspects of our day to day lives. With a desire to provide help, guidance and tools for the many administrative and technological processes with the Church, the technology and administration team has already begun to make great strides in achieving this.

Some of the features that the team is working to achieve include:

  • • Web sites for each branch within the conference
  • • Online event registration and payment
  • • Local and national calendars.
  • • Real-time notifications of events and announcements.
  • • Standard e-mail addresses, document templates, hardware and software tools.
  • • Remote meeting access via web conferencing technology
  • • Podcasts, live streaming and recording of church services for access by shut-ins.
  • • Downloadable resources such as lessons, presentations and software
  • • Online (and sometimes live) training videos and sessions
  • • Local and national online repositories for data store via our conference server
  • • Social integration and networking through facebook and twitter

Upcoming Events

Below is a list of the announcements that were made by this group for the coming months. If you require further information regarding these events or any other matter, please contact one of the listed officiators on this page.

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Marketing Lead

Nigel Williams:
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Technology Lead

Shane Moore:
07510 307343

Technology Lead

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