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What inspired me to begin to blog was a conversation with a Sister and friend, who basically told me that God is preparing another platform for me to share His Word, and do His will. She challenged me to write, and expressed how inspired she was by my use of language. I was humbly appreciative, and unknowingly she added the final note to the music that so many have been playing on me for so long; to write. I have so much to say, to share, and I love to encourage. People communicate electronically these days, and the verbal face to face dialogue has become less and less over the years. Young people have become more insular, and struggle to express or even be honest with themselves. If I am not able to be a listening ear, I would like to be there at the other end of a click, and so hence my reason for blogging. It's not all about me, but to the Glory of God, I write inspired, not out of daily duty, so I trust that whoever reads, will be encouraged, and if questions are to be asked, I will endeavour to give answers. Blessings in abundance.

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Set Free- Forgiveness

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Dr Neil T Anderson in his book, 'Set Free' writes:- 'When people forgive from the heart, they take a giant step toward freedom' Wow! when I read that I had two conclusions;

No.1, that's how I'm feeling right now as I have made an audible declaration of forgiveness..and

No.2 I want to continue on and on doing what I have been led to do- forgive those, but not just do it, say it, but not just say it, say it aloud, not just say it aloud, but say the names of those aloud- so I say, 'I forgive Taylor for what he said to me' even if I never say it to Taylor, I said it to God and as a result He hears, so  the next time I see Taylor, I will show it; My Forgiveness- Taylor will hopefully notice my change in attitude towards him, and forgive me.

You see in order for others to know they need to forgive, to be set free themselves, they need to know that they are forgiven.  So I continue to speak forgiveness audibly so the devil, Satan, hears me saying it.  He will stamp his feet, screw up his face, get a little hotter under the collar, but as hard as it is I need to keep doing it.

I imagine that there are thoughts in your head; 'what if someone hurt  a member of your family? what if they kept hurting you, doing things to you wilfully, you, forgive them once, twice? what if they don't accept your forgiveness?  There is so much written and said about forgiveness. Each experience of forgiveness is unique to the individual who is doing the forgiveness, because they have to decide if, when and how they should forgive.  Yes of course we hear it daily, and recite it in the Prayer Jesus taught His Disciples in the book of Luke..  "Our Father....forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive..." oops!, let's put the breaks on here, we recite it, can we do it?  is it just a recitation, or a genuine desire.  True, it isn't easy to forgive, if it were it may indicate that we are so unaffected by hurts that we are almost inhuman.
Human we are, Devine we are not, but it is the Divinity of Jesus Christ that helps us to forgive.  Whether we acknowledge it or not, there is a spiritual element within us that challenges our mental and moral state. We have a choice to feed the hurt, so that it becomes tortuous and takes residence in our psyche, propelling us to a state of mental  disability, or we can make a conscious effort to tell ourselves that we want to be set free, and the way to do it is to forgive, though difficult, though challenging, though it may put us in a temporary state of vulnerability.
How will we know we can do it, and be set free? it is a matter of words, audible, words, hear yourself speak, connect with the emotions you feel when you say...'I forgive  Maria for ......' try it....and keep doing it, don't stop until, you see 'Maria', and note the change in your attitude.
Set yourself free.Image result for why forgive book



Know when you are not wanted...Ouch!!

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Rejection, Ostracism, exclusion, are not nice, they are unpleasant in every way, and leaves a bad taste in one's mouth, and a negative mental scar.
What do we do, when we have experienced some form of the above? recognise the hurt it causes, accept the pain, forgive, move on.  Forgiving takes time, and can keep you on an emotional roller coaster, and then after that, the question is whether or not reconciliation is necessary.  However the fear of being rejected again, ostracised, or excluded is there, creeping behind the wings.  That is when we have to 'know when we are not wanted'.
This can be by anyone, family, community members, fellow parishioners.  Sometimes it is hard to believe that this rejection can take place amongst the former and the latter, however this is true.  Sometimes, there is no valid reason for rejection, it is simply a dislike of one person of another, other reasons could be feelings of threat.
Knowing when you are not wanted, is a painful acknowledgment, but it helps to put things into perspective, if you don't know you are not wanted, you will continually fight to be included, and become upset when you are not, you will wonder why another is liked or given more attention and focus than yourself, and you will relive and regurgitate the pain and hurt continually. By knowing you are not wanted, you will work towards your own self healing, acceptance and begin to move forward.
Earlier this year, I sat in a forum with family members, the meeting was unpleasant and  I found myself confused and disappointed, particularly as my good intentions were met with criticism, I could not be understood, and I did not understand the mindset of others.  A few hours later, I knelt before God, I struggled as to what to say, then He presented an image before me, of a woman in a black hooded cloak, miles too big for her, she began to walk and as she did so, she shed one, then two, then three cloaks, each time the cloak got brighter, and whiter, until it was glowing, and fit perfectly.  I got off my knees feeling a lot more reassured that there are times when we need to shed the rejection, and embrace what lies ahead.

Jesus illustrates this in the Bible, there are two occasions when he tells His disciples to "know when they are not wanted" He said in Matthew 10:14, that "If you are not welcomed in the city, or house you visit, shake the dust off your feet and move on", what was he saying here really, simply, move on, don't waste your time and energy, don't plead and beg, don't be a chaser, or beggar; don't try to make someone love you, like you, keep you, befriend you, "know when you are not wanted".
Keep going, even when you feel broken
On another occasion He went into a Village,  He, our King, our Healer, and our Friend, He wasn't wanted because He didn't quite meet the expectations of the Villagers in Samaria, (Luke 9:51). Jesus knew when He was not wanted and though his disciples wanted to exact revenge, and vent their anger, Jesus said, 'leave it, come on. Let's go forward'
And that's what we have to do it. Leave it alone and go forward, as hard as it is to cope with the emotional mental and physical pain, that is what we have to do. 
If you have ever been rejected, then you know what your rejection of another may feel like. 
If you have ever been excluded or ostracised, then know what your ostracism or exclusion of others may feel like.
Of course there could be an opportunity to make good what is bad, but don't seek this if you are still being treated the same way.  "Know when you are not wanted and move on".



Every Flower is not a Fruit

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So there they were, in abundance, laden with white and pink flowers. I was excited.  Plenty pears this year, and plenty plums, too.  Yes, jam, juice, and fruit.  But as I watched, they began to fall, each day, there seemed to be less and less on the trees, what was happening, who was knocking them off?
The slugs got a bashing and the so did the wind..

I stopped bragging with gardening ignorance, "NO, every flower is NOT a fruit".  I no longer felt proud to say the opposite, because it wasn't true.  Sometimes the same is for us humans.

We look good, show vibrant colours of beautiful character, we feed the" buzzing human bees" with what they want from us, but then, when we have given of ourselves we disintegrate, what do we really need to keep going? to become a fruit?
Good tender care
Good soil 
Strong roots 
Good covering
Supporting net..(work)
Shelter from the storms, great and small

What then am I left with? a small harvest, I need to nurture what I am left with, I need it surrounded and protected, I need to cherish and nourish, it.

So then what do I expect of my tree? an abundance the following year; I want to say, "Every Flower is a Fruit", I know I will lose some, I want to lose those that are weak and spindly, meaningless because they are not supposed to be there, so then "Every (remaining) Flower is a Fruit".  I don't want to hang on to them with the hope that they will become a fruit, for then they will interfere with the growth of the real fruit that needs to emerge.

Yes, I want "My flowers to be Fruit".  What about you?

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