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Train a child in the way he should go

The mission of the NCYM (National Children & Youth Ministry) department is to empower children and young people, encouraging spiritual growth & well-being in order to develop a personal and engaging relationship with Christ; equipping them to serve the community and to share the gospel. The NCYM believes that knowing and serving Christ is a fun and rewarding experience, and is best achieved through a diversity of activities. Our vision is to see a vibrant and dedicated group of young believers who are proud and eager to share their Christian faith.

The NCYM is split into 2 age groups:

  • • Children’s Ministry - children between 3 and 12.
  • • FYC (Faithful Youth Challengers) – young people between 13 and 25.

Some of the ministries run by the NCYM include:

  • • National FYC Convention
  • • FYC Quiz
  • • National Children’s Day
  • • Sport’s Day
  • • Onyx Awards
  • • Youth Camp

Upcoming Events

Below is a list of the announcements that were made by this group for the coming months. If you require further information regarding these events or any other matter, please contact one of the listed officiators on this page.

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Faith McLeary:


Suewayne Williams:

FYC Coordinator

Marvin Johnson:

Children's Coordinator

Ruth Harris:


Melissa Antonio:

Retreat Coordinator

Kevin Williams:


Aaron Hill: