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Bringing together men from all walks of life

The National Men's Fellowship is akin to the Women Ministry, although it was recently formed in the church. The mission of this male centric organization is to to foster the development of men, in the family, community and wider society.

The National Men's Fellowship is currently involved in a campaign which seeks to:

  • • To minister to men targeting issues affecting the whole man.
  • • To help men improve and develop themselves as husbands, fathers, role models.
  • • To help men become effective members of society and to realise thier full potential.
  • • To encourage a sense of brotherhood through an environment and encourages openness, honesty and trust.
  • • To mentor men of different backgrounds and stages of life experience.

This ministry is new, vibrant and has already touched the lives of many men through its annual Men's Retreat.

Upcoming Events

Below is a list of the announcements that were made by this group for the coming months. If you require further information regarding these events or any other matter, please contact one of the listed officiators on this page.

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Retreat Coordinator

Deacon Courtney Johnson:

Retreat Coordinator

Pastor Robert Crawford: